Geno Peralta, known as “Geni Swing,” is a talented musician of Dominican descent, born in New York. His love for music began early thanks to the influence of his father, a musician and mentor. At the age of 3, he enrolled in the Henry Street Assetment music school, where he learned piano, and at 10, he ventured into drumming.

At the age of 12, Geno joined the church, where he developed his musical skills and found inspiration to create music. At 15, he discovered Typical Merengue and immersed himself in its study, learning to play the accordion with passion and determination.

Recognizing his dedication, his father bought him an accordion and took him to his teacher, Rafael Arias, who taught him the fundamentals of the genre. In 2004, Geni and his brother Sebastian began their musical career, performing throughout New York.

Today, Geni Swing has one of the most promising typical merengue musical projects in the genre. Geni is a versatile musician, whose love for music continues to grow. His musical journey is a testament to dedication, passion for art, and an eternal desire for learning and musical evolution.