Narciso "El Pavarotti"

Known in the industry as “The Pavarotti” of typical music, due to his intonation and passion when singing. Throughout his career, he has stood out with songs like “Mambo,” “La pela,” and “Pa’ to’ perdío algo cogío.”

Narciso took his first steps in music as a güirero for “La mayimba” Fefita La Grande in 1976. In this typical group, he visited the United States for the first time, standing out as the best güirero for his skillful handling of the instrument. In 1991, he became the lead singer of Bartolo Alvarado’s group, better known as El Ciego de Nagua, and that same year, he traveled to the United States on a major tour with the group. With El Ciego de Nagua’s retirement, Narciso joined José “El Calvo’s” group, where he captivated the audience with his interpretive talent, during a period when the orchestra won 4 consecutive Casandra awards for best typical group.

In 1997, the ticket war erupted, and they formed the group La Selección Típica, where, for the first time, the sum of 200,000 pesos was paid to the lead typical singer, who was Narciso.

In 2002, “La Fuerza Típica” was formed, a group that set a record by playing 70 dances in one month. In 2003, he created “La Unión Típica,” which lasted two years in the scene. Narciso decided to venture out on his own, and since then, he has traveled a long road over the past 20 years.