Urbanda ‘El Grupaso’ is one of the main groups of Dominican Typical Merengue. They made their debut on March 12, 2011, in their hometown of Santiago de los Caballeros, and it was one of the most successful debuts within the indigenous Merengue of the Dominican Republic. After their debut, young people became much more interested in Dominican typical music.

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Urbanda's rapid acceptance made it the typical group with the greatest national and international projection, achieving top positions in popularity. Their first promotional single "Me Matas" followed by one of their greatest hits "Ven Junto a mí" reached the top spots on Dominican radio. Over time, Urbanda has managed to expand its repertoire, allowing for increased demand for activities both in the Dominican Republic and in the United States.

In 2018, they released their song "QUIEN," which today holds the record for the most streamed song in the history of Typical Merengue. On YouTube, it has over 18 million views.

For April 01, Urbanda is preparing for their next release titled "Dime," an unpublished song in which the acclaimed "Grupaso" has put all their effort to continue the growth of our Typical Merengue.