Geovanny Francisco Polanco was born in the city of Nagua, Dominican Republic, on November 2, 1974. At the age of 15, living in the Arroyo al Medio Arriba neighborhood of Nagua, Polanco felt a strong attraction to musical expression. His father had always enjoyed playing the accordion, but he gave it up after getting married because his wife was not a fan of Dominican popular music. Polanco’s passion for the folk styles of his country brought the instrument back out of the closet and into his family’s daily life. Mostly self-taught, Polanco immersed himself in the pursuit of instrumental excellence, mastering styles such as “cantores,” “latas,” “pito de penca de coco,” etc.

Geovanny Francisco Polanco was born in the city of Nagua, María Trinidad Sánchez province, on November 2, 1974. He was the son of Mr. Julio Polanco and Mrs. Maria Constanza De La Rosa, who had three other children. At the age of 3, he moved with his family to Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Later, at the age of 8, he returned to live in Nagua, specifically in the Arroyo Al Medio Arriba section, Caño Teloso.

Geovanny Polanco began to feel inclined towards typical music at the age of 15. This devotion was in his blood, as his father played the accordion. However, his father stopped playing after losing his first wife, as his new wife was not a fan of typical Dominican music. Nevertheless, Geovanny enjoyed playing various instruments like cántaros, latas, and pito de penca de coco. He was also interested in cockfighting, but his father disapproved. In an agreement, his father offered him an accordion for RD$350.00 pesos, on the condition that Geovanny stopped attending cockfights. From then on, at the age of 15, Geovanny Polanco's musical education began, with his father as his only teacher and his ear as his guide.

As time passed and he completed his primary education, his father sent him to finish his secondary and high school studies in Nagua, to the home of Mr. Pablito Ubiña. He continued to develop musically with the accordion, so his father decided to provide him with a more conducive environment for this type of music by sending him to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, to the home of Mr. Lino Batista, when he was only 17 years old. Once in Santiago, Geovanny continued to advance his career in accordion playing. Geovanny always admired and considered Tatico Henríquez, Rafelito Román, Bartolo Alvarado, Siano Arias, Lupe Valerio, among others, as indirect masters. He fused all these styles to create his particular and unique style.

Despite his knowledge, Geovanny had to undertake a very difficult task to meet some of his basic needs. He had to take his accordion and find a drummer and a güirero to offer his music in the surroundings of the Monumento a la Restauración in Santiago. He received small donations or any payment in exchange for some musical pieces.

Geovanny had to find employment as a wage laborer at "Auto Adornos Lora Rodríguez," which is now known as "Auto Adornos Lora" and "Auto Aire Rodríguez," owned by Mr. Fidel Lora and Mr. Dagoberto Rodríguez, respectively. These gentlemen were impressed by Geovanny Polanco's style, so they decided to form the first group called "LA CANDELA TIPICA" for him. At that time, Geovanny was 22 years old. This group was not successful, so after 6 months of its formation, it was disbanded. After some time, Geovanny moved to the city of Santiago Rodríguez, to the house of Doña Bolivia, Rabelito Burdier's mother, and formed another group with him, which lasted 2 years and was called "GEOVANNY POLANCO Y RAFELITO BURDIER". Although economic success was not very fluid, the experience gained bore fruit in terms of composition and lyrics of songs like HISTORIA DE AMOR, EL GENERAL, DILE QUE VUELVA, among others. It was also in Santiago Rodríguez where he met his wife AMIRIS SOSA DE POLANCO, with whom he has two children, JHANDELL POLANCO and ENMANUEL POLANCO.

Subsequently, Geovanny returned to the city of Santiago at the age of 24, where he met the artistic entrepreneur AURELIANO GUZMAN, who discovered Geovanny Polanco's talent as a musician and composer. From then on, Mr. AURELIANO GUZMAN formed the musical group "GEOVANNY POLANCO Y SU MAMBO SWIN". The combination of Geovanny's talent and Mr. Aureliano's, with his great knowledge as an artistic entrepreneur, achieved all the success of this humble, hardworking, and responsible man named GEOVANNY POLANCO.

Currently, Mr. GEOVANNY POLANCO has his own company named JHANDELL RECORDS, with its offices established in the city of Santiago, where he has started a new stage of his artistic life, integrating his brothers as executives of the company.
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